Best Lunch Places in St. Louis

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, restaurants have had to adapt in order to stay afloat. Many have done so by reinventing themselves in order to offer more convenience for customers. This has included streamlining pickup and delivery, offering to-go cocktails, and putting an emphasis on convenience overall. By making these changes, restaurants have been able to continue providing their services despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. There are also more outdoor dining options than ever before. Many restaurant operators have elected to close or remain temporarily closed, but others have moved, opened additional locations, or launched exciting new concepts. This variety allows customers to choose the option that best suits their needs and preferences.

Although the information in this article was accurate, please keep in mind that restaurants are still recovering from the pandemic. As a result of the pandemic, hours and days of operation may have changed for many businesses, so it’s always best to call ahead or check online before you go, especially if you’re looking for a place to eat during lunchtime. This will help ensure that the business you’re interested in is actually open and operating during the time you plan on visiting.

Here are some of the lunch options that you have to choose from.

Nudo House

If you’re looking for traditional tonkotsu ramen, the Classic Nudo is a great option. The broth of tonkotsu ramen is clabbered and rich, with a cloud-like appearance. The firm center of the noodles is what’s important for authentic tonkotsu ramen. A variety of cold asian salads, including a shrimp salad, and lotus root, as well as a Vietnamese shredded chicken salad, are also on the menu. The restaurant’s fresh spring rolls and delectable crab rangoon are made daily. There are also four different banh mis available, which go great with Nudo’s savory broths. However, you may get some dirty looks from other diners if you enjoy this meal too much.

The hard work of so many people coming together makes this restaurant special and gives diners a unique experience. From the front-of-house staff to the chefs in the back, everyone has worked tirelessly to perfect their craft and come up with new ways to delight customers. All of this attention to detail creates a dining experience that is truly memorable.

Chiang Mai

Over the years, St. Louis has developed a strong affinity for Thai cuisine. However, most of the city’s Thai restaurants tend to specialize in dishes that are popular in central Thailand. This creates a bit of an imbalance when it comes to the variety and representation of other Thai regional cooking styles. Chef Su Hill is excited to share the unique culinary traditions and techniques of Northern Thailand with her customers. She hopes they enjoy trying something new and experiencing the distinct flavors of this region. The city of Chiang Mai is especially known for specialties like khao munn gai. Hill’s menu features both traditional dishes and her own modern interpretations of them. Diners can also expect to find some familiar dishes in Thailand, such as som tum, a salad with green papaya, and bronzed pork sausages. The restaurant has quickly gained a devoted following because the three aunties in the open kitchen are deftly preparing dishes with a cool ease that is only feasible through years of experience and mastery.

Gioia’s Deli

Gioia’s is a St. Louis institution, that serves up exceptional deli sandwiches – most famously, the iconic hot salami sandwich. The hot salami sandwich at Gioia’s is a true original, still made using the same recipe crafted by its founder all those years ago. If you’re looking for a taste of St. Louis history, and an unforgettable sandwich to boot, head to Gioia’s! The hot salami can be ordered on any type of bread and dressed with any of the cheese and condiments offered, but the sausage is the most important part of the dish. The sandwich has a certain capacity for transforming even the worst days into something more bearable. The satisfaction that you will feel the moment you unwrap the package of hot salami and cheese is unparalleled. From your first bite to your last, you’ll savor the delicious flavors and textures of this classic sandwich.

Bowood by Niche

The dining room walls are covered completely in windows that let in a copious amount of natural light. This enhances the feeling of renewal one experiences when indulging in a flavorful, plant-forward breakfast and lunch menu. The restaurant offers a variety of delicious and nourishing dishes, including butter lettuce salad composed of zesty lemon vinaigrette, succulent trout, and fresh herbs as well as chili fried tofu sandwich with pickled cucumbers and green goddess dressing. These items are sure to please and restore, making them perfect for any meal. At Bowood, they sell a stunning array of houseplants in accordance with Osage tradition. Our nursery is the perfect place to find the plant you’ve been searching for, whether it’s a small succulent or a large fiddle-leaf fig. Come and explore their selection today!

Union Loafers Café and Bread Bakery

It’s not a secret that St. Louis-style pizza is an essential component of the diet of anyone born in the 314. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other great pizzas to be found in town. In fact, some of the best slices around don’t adhere to the local style. So if you’re ever in the mood for something a little different, be sure to check out this non-traditional spot. At Union Loafers in Botanical Heights, you can enjoy baked goods as well as full-service dining with pizzas that lie somewhere between New York and Neapolitan styles. This unique eatery is definitely worth a visit! The mushroom pizza with foxglove and pickled shallot will convert mushroom haters, and the pepperoni with Calabrian chilis is perfect for pepperoni lovers. There are sandwiches on Loafers Bread, soups and salads, and a little gem with herbs and garlic, which can destroy every salad you’ve eaten before.


Juniper has been a beloved restaurant in the South for eight years, filling a void in the hearts and stomachs of those who are missing home. The restaurant’s comforting and familiar dishes are prepared with love, making it the perfect place to enjoy a meal with family and friends. The Central West End restaurant has always been a satisfying experience but the recent addition of chef Matt Daughaday has improved the superlative low-country dining destination. Yes, Juniper’s restaurant is still serving its legendary fried chicken dish. The restaurant has also added new dishes to the menu, including raw oysters. The raw oysters are some of the best in the city and are definitely worth trying. The space, service, and food all work together to celebrate the depth of Southern culinary traditions in a way that feels more substantive than simply being spoon-fed.

The Gin Room/Cafe Natasha

CafeNatasha on South Grand is the place to go to learn about, discuss, and enjoy world-class gins. Natasha Bahrami has collected and curated the most comprehensive collection of the spirit in the country, becoming one of the world’s most influential experts on gin in the process. Inside you’ll find the Gin Room, owned and operated by Bahrami, aka “the gin girl.” Bahrami takes great pride in her work, and it shows through her impressive collection. If you love gin, this is definitely the place for you. One of the most popular choices at the Gin Room are the customized gin flights. You can choose from a selection of five curated gins, all of which have been carefully selected to suit your particular taste. If you’re more of a martini type, there are 10 different variations to choose from. There is nothing better than an order of lamb skewers with rice and tomato after having a few drinks. No matter what your preference is, the Gin Room is sure to have something that you’ll love.

Brasserie by Niche

Brasserie by Niche has been a shining beacon for French bistro cuisine in the Central West End since it first opened in 2009. The restaurant has remained ever-dedicated to providing its diners with an authentic and memorable dining experience. Even after all these years, Brasserie by Niche shows no signs of slowing down and continues to be one of the most beloved restaurants in St. Louis. If you’re ever in the mood for some fantastic French food, this is the place to go. The restaurant is always full of hungry guests enjoying perfectly cooked gougères, escargot, cassoulet, and duck confit. The garlic-y wild Burgundy escargot is definitely a favorite, but you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. And don’t forget to order a glass of wine to accompany your meal – after all, this is a French restaurant! The restaurant has continued to be one of the most highly regarded places to eat in the city. It seems to have an appeal that is elusively captured and immutable.

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